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Our Roots

In 1990 Daimler-Benz InterServices AG (debis) was founded. Its activities focused on the areas of financial services, information technology, retail, insurance, and marketing. This was the beginning of a new division that combines all financial activities with other services. The merger of Daimler and Chrysler accelerated the company‘s internationalization and automotive financial services became the company’s core business as a result. In 2007, it was renamed Daimler Financial Services after Daimler and Chrysler had gone separate ways. Since the foundation we have been successfully helping Daimler customers to find the financing solution for their needs.

Now, over a quarter of century later, Daimler Financial Services offers a broad range of services. Besides the classical leasing and financing services, Daimler started to invest early in new forms of mobility: in 2008 the car sharing car2go was established - and it has now become a success story. With our strategic alignment towards mobility and further developing our core business in the financing sector Daimler Financial Services has been demonstrating continuous growth and profits.

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