Shared mobility—smarter into the future

Whether by public transport, car or bicycle, there are many options to reach your destination. We offer the right mobility options: flexible, nonbinding and future-oriented.

Digitalization is increasing opportunities and requirements: Mobility should be available immediately and at any time (on demand) and should fit individual needs. At the same time, mobility must be sustainable and contribute to a high quality of life. This calls for smart solutions that strengthen local transport as the backbone of urban mobility.

Our understanding of shared mobility is more than just a transport policy solution for a Smart city. Shared mobility is becoming the leading mobility concept for urban mobility. Therefore, we continuously invest in a comprehensive mobility ecosystem and rely on our mobility services in the areas of car-sharing, ride-hailing and mobility as a service.

Car-sharing: car2go is proud to share

"Proud to share" is more than an advertising slogan by car2go; it is an approach to life by more and more people in urban centers.

What makes car2go so successful? It is one of the first free-floating car-sharing services in the world and operates its fleet without fixed rental stations. All you need is the app. The car2go vehicles can be found everywhere in the business districts of numerous cities. Car-sharing is available 24/7and is always flexible. Refueling is included in the price, and you only pay what you consume.

Ride-hailing: comfortable on the road

Ride-hailing is an urban form of mobility in which you can find and book a transport service or a private ride with different app providers. Our ride-hailing group includes mytaxi, Beat, Clever Taxi and Chauffeur Privé. These providers have a common goal: to make your mobility as comfortable as possible.

moovel—mobility as a service

The keywords are clear: flexible and demand-oriented. This requires a clever digital solution. The term mobility as a service (MaaS) stands for the bundling of different types of passenger transport, such as bus, train, car-sharing, bike-sharing and taxi, into a multimodal transport solution. Booking and payment are made conveniently through an app and an integrated customer account. Passenger transport now merges with the sharing economy to form a seamless, flexible service.

With its multimodal mobility platform, moovel offers cities and transport companies a toolbox with which they can integrate various mobility providers. This MaaS platform can also be used to optimize traffic flow in a city. The company calls this “the operating system for urban mobility.”

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