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DFS introduces emotional intelligence and digital humans

Daimler Financial Services Introduces Sarah

Udo Neumann, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Daimler Financial Services: “We meet this challenge with a unique combination of artificial and emotional intelligence. A digital human like ‘Sarah’ will serve as the interface in our financial services and mobility ecosystem, enabling us to deliver an unprecedented customer experience in the near future.”

Benedikt Schell, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) and member of the Board of Management at Daimler Financial Services: “Over 80% of today’s purchases start online. It is exactly there – at the first touch – where we will exploit data-driven insights and guarantee a tailor-made customer experience.”

Emotional intelligence will play a crucial role in perfectly adapting services such as car financing, leasing, and insurances, car-sharing or ride-hailing to customers. Different from regular voice assistants, ‘Sarah’ will be able in the future to recognize non-verbal behavior in real-time using face recognition.

Udo Neumann: “A self-learning and emotionally capable digital human will help to transform our customer service paradigm.  Digital humans will be able to learn and understand our environment and connect with us emotionally, helping us in different areas of our life.”

Daimler Financial Services is the first in the auto financing company to work together with Soul Machines, a groundbreaking high-tech company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Soul Machines technology is based on the Academy Award winning work of Dr. Mark Sagar. With the assistance of digital humans and data-driven insights it will redefine customer experience.

Greg Cross, Chief Business Officer of Soul Machines  commented: “The ground breaking work we are doing with Daimler Financial Services to deploy the first digital human in the automotive industry is a clear demonstration of how the way we interact with machines will be completely different in the future. With the assistance of digital humans and data-driven insights it will completely redefine the customer experience.”