Autonomous in the future

Like no other technology, autonomous vehicles will change society and our environment. Even though it will be a few more years before Level 5 (full automation) is achieved, Daimler Financial Services has set the course for self-propelled automobiles.

Research and development for autonomous driving is in full swing. Tests are already taking place near the development sites in Sunnyvale, California, and Böblingen, Baden-Württemberg/Germany. Daimler recently announced that is now the first international automobile manufacturer to receive a test license in Beijing. In addition, a public pilot plant in California will be launched in 2019.

Jörg Lamparter, Head of Daimler Mobility Services, on autonomous driving:

"Let me give you a definition of our concept of autonomous driving. We see this as a further development based on our experience with mytaxi, car2go and moovel. This means that customers can order autonomous vehicles via one of our Mobility Services apps. They will then be transported driverless from point A to B."

Interview with Thomas Hengstermann - Head of Autonomous Services

Daimler Financial Services stands not only for the "S" in CASE, but is involved in every part of Daimler’s strategy called CASE. For example, with the team of Thomas Hengstermann that is preparing the company for the age of autonomous driving - the "A" in CASE - in a very special manner. Read more about this topic in the interview with the Head of Autonomous Services & Portfolio Integration at Daimler Financial Services.

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