Athlon innovative fleet management

Mobility is in a state of constant change: Topics such as car-sharing, electromobility and digitization are changing our entire industry and fleet management. We meet the changing needs of our customers with innovative solutions that offer a holistic approach to mobility.

The merger of Daimler Fleet Management and Athlon has enabled us to significantly expand our portfolio and our competitive position. Athlon now combines the strengths of both companies. With a portfolio of 395,000 cars and vans, Athlon is one of the leading providers of vehicle leasing and fleet management in Europe. Athlon is currently represented in more than twenty countries in Europe and North America, either directly or through partners.

One Athlon, One brand

Anyone who knows exactly what drives companies can advance them with innovative mobility solutions. Athlon's mission is to understand the needs of its customers and to offer flexible solutions. We are developing intelligent products and services for this purpose. Now and in the future.

Whether it’s the daily drive to the office or to customer appointments, mobility is everywhere. Everyone wants to be mobile. Through innovation, daring and creativity, we are making the most of new ways of doing things and tackling new requirements. For example, our lower CO2 emissions contribute to a cleaner environment and lower costs.

We always offer our clients innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient solutions. We are consultants and intermediaries. Trustworthy and competent, we take care of the needs of our customers in vehicle leasing and other mobility offers.

"connect business"

Proactive, simple and efficient, “connect business” offers connectivity services and digital solutions for fleet and business customers. With “connect business,” interfaces and services can be easily adapted to your individual needs and existing systems. The web-based portal is suitable for fleets of any size.

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