We ensure sustainable mobility

Being mobile is part of our everyday life. In urban areas especially, increased mobility is causing us more and more problems. Louder traffic noise, daily traffic jams, the lack of parking spaces and rising air pollution are a high price that we all pay.

Sharing for more sustainability

We are pushing our car-sharing program because we are convinced it is currently the best solution for less traffic, less pollution and more sustainability. Car-sharing can replace up to eight private cars and shared vehicles are moved six times more frequently. With its concept of free-floating car-sharing, car2go contributes to freeing up valuable space in cities. In the future, more green areas can be created and traffic and air pollution can be reduced.

Car sharing: The future is electric

We are convinced that the future of car-sharing is electric. Electric car-sharing fleets are emission-free and quieter. car2go will significantly increase the proportion of electric vehicles in the future and ensure greater sustainability. Today, 2,100 electric car2go vehicles provide millions of people in Stuttgart, Madrid, Amsterdam and recently in Paris with easy access to electric mobility.

We also intend to continue this positive trend as part of the NOW family. Sustainability in urban areas requires the right mobility mixture. From local public transport to car-sharing and bike rental, moovel's ingenious app brings people closer to flexible mobility and sustainability.

Interview with Stephan Unger

Four questions to Stephan Unger, Chief Financial Officer Daimler Financial Services AG and responsible for sustainanbility.

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