Klaus Entenmann, Chairman of Daimler Financial Services, answers five questions on the mobility transformation.

Mr. Entenmann, you want to promote Daimler Financial Services an innovation driver in the mobility transformation. Why?

Our next steps are directly linked to the major questions of the future: Driving or being driven? Electric motor, combustion engine or fuel cell? Own or share? We want to contribute to improving life in our cities. Urban mobility is a key factor in this. It should be efficient, tailored to our individual needs, flexible, and ideally low-cost and digital. That's why we launched car2go in 2008 - the pioneer amongst providers of flexible carsharing. Today - 10 years later - our portfolio of mobility services has a bandwidth which none of our competitors can match. Our portfolio includes carsharing, ride-hailing and multimodal platforms such as the moovel app. Either as a 100% stakeholding as with car2go or mytaxi, or as a stockholder as in the case of Flixbus.

Your focus lies on urban mobility, what does this mean for the financing business?

For 50 years we have very successfully taken care of financing for vehicles under the Daimler brands. We are the market leader in the financing of commercial vehicles and we finance or lease every second vehicle worldwide. That is our core business. A very successful one. At the same time, Daimler Financial Services recognized early on that mobility services are becoming increasingly important. This is where we consolidate our expertise and make comprehensive mobility possible for customers: getting from A to B either in their own car, by carsharing or by moovel app.

Will this be the end for car ownership?

It's not a question of either-or. We want to ensure that there is an even better mobility mix in the future. Never before has so much changed so quickly! We want to help the cities to offer the best possible transportation portfolio. Only a connected mobility system can cover the needs in city areas while ensuring a better quality of life. Naturally this also includes electro mobility and autonomous driving. In the long term, the aim for Daimler Financial Services is to make cars such as the smart Vision EQ fortwo a reality. This smart needs neither a steering wheel nor pedals: it drives autonomously to Level 5, with zero emissions. It welcomes you personally with your profile picture and your configuration: the car2go of the future.

Speaking of major cities, why are they important to you?

Major cities, or more generally urban areas, make clear demands with respect to mobility needs. More and more people are attracted to the major cities. Naturally this also poses a challenge for the transportation infrastructure. Nobody wants to spend hours in traffic jams. Clever and alternative traffic solutions are therefore important. This is where we give advice to the cities. We see ourselves as their partner sharing a common goal: making transportation and mobility services as efficient and sustainable as possible.

What is Daimler Financial Services in a nutshell?

We move you! We are inspired by this sentence and we are moving you: literally from A to B and metaphorically by creating a mobility experience. The individual is the focus of our attention. That is important to us and determines all our decisions.

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