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When Everything Goes Wrong: Take your Child to Work

The word “REKiZ” is the German acronym for a reserved parent-child room. It is used once per week on average, primarily in emergency situations. For example, the recent daycare center strike in Germany caused employees to bring their children with them to work. But is it even possible to concentrate in a room full of noisy kids? And how have employees’ responded to the REKiZ?

"She loves everything!"

Two-year-old Ana Katarina doesn’t actually need the toys, painting supplies, puzzles, children’s laptop and play kitchen at the REKiZ, because she is very easy to care for, according to her father, Torsten Böttner from the IT Performance Management unit."She loves everything,” he says. Böttner has used REKiZ twice so far. In both cases, it was because his daughter’s daycare center was on strike. Although things could get somewhat chaotic when Böttner made phone calls, for example, he has, on the whole, been able to work in a concentrated manner despite the presence of his child. “Colleagues took care of her when I had to go to meetings,” says Boettner. “It would be great if the REKiZ also contained a crib, because a day at work with daddy can be very tiring.”

Computers versus horses

A colleague from Sales & Marketing has also availed herself of the REKiZ. When her child’s daycare center was closed for a day a few weeks ago, she simply took her five-year-old son with her to work. “I simply wanted to try out the REKiZ and my son was proud that he was allowed to go to work with his mom,” she says. He especially liked the big company restaurant. However, the young boy didn’t find his mother’s work very thrilling. “A few hours after we got to the office, he asked me when I would finally start working. I told him that I’d been doing that the whole time. He looked at me dumbfounded and said: ‘Oh, I didn’t know you just do stuff with computers.’ He thought this was very dull, especially since his dad works with horses.”

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