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car2go offers immediate and flexible automobility. Using the car2go app on their smartphones, car2go customers can find and rent available cars nearby at any time - day or night, with or without reservation. The app is then also used to open the vehicle as well as starting the rental. After arriving at the destination, the car2go vehicle can then be parked in any public parking spot within the home area.

car2go is the global market leader in the flexible carsharing sector and has over three million customers and approximately 14,000 vehicles in operation. In addition to the smart, car2go has extended its fleets since 2016 to include Mercedes-Benz A-Class, B-Class, CLA and GLA models.

With the largest electric fleet in the free-floating carsharing sector, car2go shows that the future of carsharing is electric. With three purely electric locations, car2go customers arrive at their destinations each day with local, emission-free electric mobility.

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